Saturday, October 30, 2010

Simple Things

  I got to the woods this morning warmly ensconced in my Under Armor, Gortex and Thinsulate. Hopping out of my new $40K hunting rig, I quickly unloaded my 700cc 4 wheeler with hydraulic steering and shifter for the trip to the stand. Just to be sure I checked my GPS so I wouldn't get turned around and see that all of my waypoints were installed. Everything checked out and with weapon and pack loaded I headed out.
   After an arduous 125 yard drive across a cut cornfield I finally made it and prepared for the hunt. I tied off with my self adjusting retractable safety harness as I climbed into the stand and hoisted my gear up with my solar rechargeable electric winch. I placed my custom .300 WSM with heavy, free floated barrel, synthetic stock, bipod and 4x20 target scope into it's one of a kind pneumatic, remote controlled rifle rest which is attached to my 10 x 15 ft. aluminum and fiberglass tree house blind. I got the heat up and running to knock the chill down a bit and settled in for the morning.
  Breaking out the essentials for the hunt, cell phone, hand held video poker, laptop with wi-fi connection and portable TV. Popping a bit of breakfast into the microwave I felt I was ready for the hunt to begin. After a couple of quick calls to some friends hunting in Illinois and Canada and checking the weather and news through the laptop, I took out my image stabilized, range finding, gps enabled binoculars for a quick check on the field and wood line. Not seeing anything I switched to my new thermal imaging spotting scope and sure enough there was a squirrel and two does out at 238.5 +/- yards. With that kind of movement I knew it was just a matter of time before a shooter showed up.
  While waiting on a good buck I did manage to get some great shots of the woods on my hi def camcorder and 15 megapixel hd still camera. I got all of these edited and uploaded to youTube and plixi in my down time.
  Unfortunately, the big deer just weren't moving this morning so there is no extra meat in the freezer but how great it was to spend a relaxing morning just hunting and getting back in touch with the simple things in life.


texwisgirl said...

Came on over from HeyBJK to say hello and welcome to the blogging world! I'm not a hunter, but love your story-telling. I hope you will post pix of your artwork in the future. Would love to see nature thru your eye and your art!

John said...

Good one Tommy! Reminds me of the guy dressed in $3000 worth of flyfishing gear/ full waders in only 2 inches of water.. lol Really neat to see your blog, I'll be back!

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