This page will feature my turkey calls. Each one will be posted as it is finished. I make all calls one at a time and no two are the same. I can make a similar call but there will always be differences. The mouth/can calls and striker tops I don't even try to make the same shape although the dimensions are kept fairly close.
 Thanks to everyone for the interest and support for my work. if you want any information please contact me at I take PayPal for orders. Calls with prices listed are available for purchase.

In Progress on another batch.

Walnut and Poplar, Cherry and Walnut, Red Cedar, Poplar and Cedar

Poplar And Cedar. SOLD

Flame Cherry and Walnut SOLD

Walnut and Poplar SOLD

Cocobola Mouth/can Call SOLD

 In progress Walnut and Poplar. Chalked for tuning

In progress sanded to 4000 grit. Still a ways to go before adding finish.

 Finished. SOLD

 Finished end detail.

Finished Bottom.

The Neapolitan in progress. Sanded to 12,000 grit no finish. Walnut, poplar and cherry. SOLD

 In progress.

Finished. Sanded to 12,000 grit and cleared with lacquer.

 Finished end detail.

Finished Top.

Finished Bottom.


Finished Walnut Worm Wood.


These are a few of my mouth/can calls.They are around 2" tall and 1 1/2" across.

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