Bucket List

  • Take double digit in deer one year
  • Take a 300+ lb hog with good cutters
  • Catch a sturgeon
  • Catch a muskie
  • Catch a pike
  • Catch and release a big shark
  • Get my fishing system/product line into production
  • See more of our country. I've traveled alot but want to see much more
  • Make a 1000 yard shot with a muzzleloader
  • Take a deer or hog with a muzzle loading pistol
  • Catch a cobia
  • Catch a big snook
  • Catch a Giant grouper
  • Go on a dinosaur dig hopefully in the badlands South or North Dakota
  • Set up more ways to help the needy in my area. 

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Born and raised in middle Tennessee.I'm a working wildlife and landscape artist specializing in watercolors. Now making cedar lures and custom turkey calls.



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