W/C Landscapes

This is a listing of my watercolors. I am loading new pieces so please check back.

"Presentation #2"

"The Calf" 22x30 $850.00

"Family Gathering" 22x30

"Autumn Drift" 7x10 Sold

"Gaurdian" 13x17  $350.00

"Canyon Float" 8x10   $250.00

"Cascades" 8x10   $275.00

"Forgotten Dairy" 10x13   $350.00

"Beesley Rd #1" 10x12   $250.00

"Memories Anticipated" 8x10   $125.00

"Release" 7x10  $250.00

"Cove Creek" 8x10  $275.00

"Venice #2" 8x10  $300.00

"Upstream" 8x10  $350.00

"Headed to Spike" 8x10  $300.00

"3 Pots" 11x14  $175.00

"April on the Stones"

"Tai Chi"   8x10              $200.00

"Beginnings"    8x10          $200.00

"12 Boards"     7x10


Jay said...

I have to ask... is "Upstream" at the Townsend Y in GSMNP?

Tommy Ellis said...

That is in the GSMNP but a friend supplied it so I'm not sure of the exact location. I will have to ask him.

John said...

Smokemont, NC Side.

Anonymous said...

Your work is so beautiful. What a great talent.

Donna said...

Love the kitty guard and the 12 boards! What beautiful detail.

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