This page shows lures I have made and painted as well as repaints of commercial baits. I will continue to add to the list as I finish new pieces. All patterns here are available to order as are any of my hand made cedar lures. Cedar prop baits can be order in a Spook style without props, single prop or double prop. Top waters can be ordered in fresh or saltwater. You can send your lures to be painted or check to see what I have on hand for sale in repainted lures. Thanks for all your interest, if it weren't for you this page wouldn't be here. For orders or if you need to ask a question contact me at or check my store at Ghost Originals  where I try to keep things I have available.

5" Bighead Popper

Prototype Popper Baby Bass

Prototype Popper Bluegill

Slim Double Prop Smallmouth Bass

 Baby Bass on Rapala
 3 1/2" Cedar Double Prop Standard Shad
 5" Cedar Double Prop Baby Bass
 6" Cedar Double Prop Fancy Shad
 5" Cedar Double Prop

5" Osage Orange Collector's Series

                                                2 1/2" Torpedo Style Cedar Digital Purple

 Ultra light 2" Cedar Popper

4" Mackerel Saltwater Cedar Lure

 6" Popper Drilled Thru design for the saltwater guys.
This one is a prototype just to see how it will act in the water. 5 1/2"

4 1/2" Night Stalker with Saltwater finish

This is an 8 1/2" Saltwater Popper in Mackerel

An 8" Small Faced Saltwater Popper with Blue Back with Gold Glitter

6" Double Prop Wide Silhouette Salt or Fresh in Gary's Golden Shiner

12 Color Chartruese Deep Diver

Goldfish Deep Diver a great color most people overlook.

Muskie Wasp 5" body with buzz tail. Drilled through w/SS wire harness & epoxy finish.

4" Drilied Through Wide Body with epoxy finish.

6" Wide Body Double Prop with epoxy finish. Brown Back Pink Sides.


johnwaedug said...

they look cool...much respect

ofieldstream said...

Nice looking lures @ghost. We should talk.


Mountain Swag said...

these are amazing dude.

id like to talk to you soon.

Mountain Swag

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