Here is a list of some great folks. Thanks to every one of them for their support.

Campdog Cajun Seasoning, from Papa Scott in Louisiana  comes dry rub spice blends, fish batter ( that works on other stuff) and hush puppy mix. A site sponsor and a sponsor of the Huntography Deer Tour documentary.

Seemz Technology, if you are a hunter and need great scent elimination products the folks at Seemz have what you need. Along with a 100% money back guarantee. Sponsors of this years' Huntography Deer Tour documentary.

Filson, here are some folks that make amazing outdoors clothes and accessories. They support my love of writing through guest posts on their site.

Big Deer Hunters check out these lure sticks. Homemade and potent. Ready to use in either Buck or Doe, not the stuff you see in the stores. A sponsor of this years' Huntography Deer Tour documentary.

Slick Trick Broadheads  A sponsor of this years' Huntography Deer Tour.

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