Monday, October 31, 2011

Week Five

Kimmie and her hog.

Here we are at week five but I didn’t get to add to the list this week the new job kept me busy during the week and it was juvenile weekend here in Tennessee. I did get out to sight in a few muzzle loaders to get ready for opening day on the 5th and spent time getting ready for Rudy @Huntography to get here Wednesday night. We will be filming on Thursday and Friday for the #Deertour and maybe I will get a chance to take one on camera. I did get to look over a new farm that is over 600 acres where a big 10 was seen a couple of days ago, I got invited to hunt it opening morning of muzzle loader. Not only is the big 10 there but it is supposed to be covered in does. The bad part it is covered in trespassers, too. But the game warden is supposed to be out there checking opening weekend so they better be fast.

As I am writing this Sunday night @writinghuntress is recovering her 6 pt she took on camera during her first day on the #Deertour, still waiting on pics. @BigBuckPw took a couple of more does this week, one on his part of the #Deertour. @A_Reel_Lady took a big 8 this week with her muzzle loader. @Ryan5Bass took another doe. @BigBrother10 took a doe. @skullboundtv oldest son Walker took a bull elk on public land with a 501 yard shot. One of the guys hunting with @Cajun_Seasoning took a nice 8 in Louisiana. I tried to find out who’s wife killed her first deer this week a BIG 8 but couldn’t before time to post but congrats to her anyway. @Cajun_Seasoning passed on a cow horn spike but got a coyote to go with his bobcat from last week. @msargentphoto son doubled down this week on deer. @turkeythompson took two big pigs. @kimmieDG got a nice pig and had it on the grill in less than an hour. @ForemostOutdoor got his first bow kill this weekend. @centexhunter went north and got a mule deer. These are some good folks to follow on Twitter if you are there.

Chris with his first bow kill

I can’t wait for Wednesday and my first chance to meet Rudy in person, not as thrilled about being on camera. Probably one of the few people out there that hunts as hard as I do that doesn’t want his own TV show but to be part of a documentary that shows real hunters doing it the way most folks do I wouldn’t pass up for anything. Even negotiated it into my job before I was hired, work 2 ½ weeks and take a 4 day weekend to hunt J. I hope we can get some good footage even if I don’t get a shot two days goes by fast.

Saturday starts our muzzle loader season and I plan on doing as much damage as possible. I have 4 doe tags in Unit A and 42 in Unit L before gun season opens when I will still have something like 126 doe tags left for Unit L but only 1 buck tag left for the year so I will be doing some passing on bucks. Does on the other hand should beware because I have several families that need food and they are it. My goal is to get 8 before the end of the season so wish me luck.

Good luck everyone, be safe and be sure to wear your harness.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mama's Got a Gun

Jacqueline Sharon Reed, was born in Michigan many a moon ago. She grew up in the rural southeastern section of the state amid a beyond large family. Plenty of brothers, sisters, cousins and such. She spent all of her younger life there before moving south to start a family of her own. While growing up she was at the head of her class during her school years and being of a pre computer, TV in every room world she made her entertainment outdoors. Part of her fun outside was learning to shoot a BB gun which back then probably amounted to an old Red Ryder by Daisy.


Not having much money to spend they devised a way to save bbs to reuse that only a poor kid would think of. Even back then you could buy bbs in a tube that was about the diameter of a quarter, she would take the bbs out of the tube, place the tube on the ground as a target then shoot the bbs back into the tube. She said she could go a couple of days on one tube which was about all she could afford but it made her a great shot with a cheap bb gun. Even though she went years without shooting after she was grown her skills with that trick never left her, she was just a good shot. She was a good storyteller. She was a person who never met a kid she didn’t help take care of including taking some in that needed a home. She was a good cook, kept an inquiring mind, had a sweet singing voice and left us far too soon. She was also my Mom.
In many ways I think I followed in her footsteps, I did well in school, love the outdoors even though I grew up in a city and learned to shoot starting with a Daisy. I was lucky to have her as my teacher when it came to guns, she taught me safety as well as marksmanship. She had the patience of a stone most of the time and would sit with me on the porch steps teaching me the shoot them into the tube trick while telling me stories of her growing up. I would buy bbs for a quarter in the same type of cardboard tube that she did and we would sit for hours shooting in the backyard.
As I grew a little older I bought a Crosman 760 which was a big step up in power and the lessons I had been taught let me have a great time for several years before I graduated to my first 410 shotgun. By then I had become a really good shot with Mom giving me advice when I needed it and always words of encouragement. Finally I put aside the bb guns for things that went boom and never looked at them again for many years.

  After at least a quarter century of not shooting airguns I bought an adult version which I still shoot today. While I hope to upgrade it in the future I still have fun sitting out back punching paper. There is many a time while shooting I will think back to those wonderful summer afternoons with my Mom plinking away, listening intently as a good son should, hearing stories of family I never met. I learned some family history, stories of things she did in school, tales of her watching tornadoes cut across flat fields and all manner of things that I wish I could remember word for word.

She has been gone a few years now and to be honest this post was not fun to write, I really miss her but I wanted all of you to share in one of my best memories. Strange to me how many folks tell of how much a Dad or Uncle influenced them or taught them skills but rarely is Mom mentioned but I know they helped. My Mom didn’t just help but did it all for me and I hope I told her enough how much it meant.

Everyone be safe if you are getting out to the woods, lakes or streams and if your folks are still around tell them how much their lessons mean to you.

Photo credits: Used shamelessly off the interweb.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Four

Well here we go. Week four of the season by my counting and the results are coming in. I wasted my time trying to kill a stupid turkey only to have one thing after the other go wrong. Should have stuck to the deer. I did make a trip to Monteagle to try for one Sunday in a spot that hasn't been hunted in a month. I saw deer out on the roadside just before light which is never a good sign there and sure enough I didn't see a deer until 9:15 when I saw one slip into the woodlot I was in. I never saw where that one went then at 9:30 I saw two big does and a set of twins coming down the treeline toward me, as I got set up the lead doe smelled where I walked in and spooked. As she ran past the others the other big doe took off and almost knocked herself out when she ran head first into a tree, she hit so hard she had to stand with her feet spread out to keep from falling. As she got to the creek I had a good quartering away shot but missed low when I misjudged the yardage. Clean miss, no harm no foul. I hunted the rest of the day but didn't get another chance. The reason I got busted was because I did something I never do which is wear my hunting boots from the house to the woods. This time I was running late and did then didn’t get them sprayed down enough with scent killer, won’t happen again.

I saw a total of 25 deer Sunday but only one young buck and most weren’t on property I can hunt. Still I count them and it is always a treat to see them out feeding. I saw 3 sets of twins along with several other fawns so next year is looking like plenty more to watch grow.

Folks from all over have been doing great this week and here is this week's list. @Ryan5Bass got another doe and was actually in Week Three but I found out late. @SkinnyDMan got a doe. @backwoodlife took a buck and his Dad got a hog. @Krand67 got an 8 pt. @Gobblerchaser got one but I can’t remember what it was. @Turkeytlakr69 took an 8 pt. @BigBuckPW got a muzzleloader doe. @goosecaller44 and friends got limits of geese and mallards. @LindaQueentivo got her first muzzleloader doe at 70 yards. @Firstlightgear got a doe from a natural ground blind while filming for the #deertour with @Huntography. @BuckmasterJosh got his first with a bow a nice 5 pt. @muskalungee took a double on does with his bow a personal best. @cajun_seasoning missed a deer but got a bobcat.

Photo credit: @LindaQueentivo. This is her first M/L deer a 129 lb doe. Congrats!!

There were some misses and a couple lost which I always feel bad about for the hunter and the deer. I know there were a couple of foxes taken with bows but I can’t remember who got them. I do know one was a red and the other a grey.

The biggest news of the week for me was finally getting a new job after 3 years of looking. I won’t be in the woods as often but at least I can pay my bills now. Big relief just in case you wondered.

So that about wraps this one up. A bit short for me but I have some good posts coming up just need to get them written up. Thanks again to everyone and be safe out there this week. Add a comment to the 1 Year of Following Ghost for a chance at whatever I decide to give away.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Year of Following Ghost

October 30th will be the first anniversary of my site, well it has been a bit longer but for reasons of my own I think of this as the beginning. I started it just to have something to do and a place to write a few stories, I had no idea it would take off like it did. I went from zero to being listed in the top 50 and top 35 sites which I am so happy about but the truth is without the people that come here time and again it would never have happened.

I want to thank everyone for your support and I hope I can keep going and growing with your help. So, to say thanks I am going to do a bit of a giveaway. What I send out, sticking with my random nature, will be decided a bit later but will include art, probably a call or few along with whatever else I can think of.

To enter I want you to leave a comment on this post so that I can get you in the mix. Sorry to the folks overseas but I have to keep this one in the US and Canada for now but plan to do a giveaway to include you soon. If for some reason you can't leave a comment but you follow me on Twitter or Google+ just mention this in a post so I will see it and you are in. That is it, the whole rules for entering, just a comment is all it takes. I will use a Random Number Generator to pick the winners so everyone has the same chance.

Thanks again to everyone I am humbled every time I look at my numbers and watch them grow thanks to each one of you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday OBN

To my friends at the Outdoor Blogger Network I want to wish them a happy first anniversary and thanks for all the support you have given the outdoors community this past year.

And thanks for the chance on the Muck Boots ,
Plano Gun Case
Badlands Pack
Foxpro Call 
Gerber Pliers

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week Three

Week three sees me back in this spot. Found a big rub nearby and another hunter a few hundred yards away in a nice looking spot. Hope he gets some there.

Week three has seen most of us settling into the hunt. Well, it is week three for me, for others it is week one and for some places it is muzzle loader already. Several friends have scored this week, I will try to get them listed but they have been busy so if I miss you, Sorry, I’m old and forgetful.

@BigBuckPW Rob Freyer continues to lay them down, this week it was a double on does during an afternoon hunt. @t_marsh83 dropped a nice 8 pt, his first deer in four years. @sfritz took an 8 pt. @mkotzum thumped one Sunday morning early just as I started to write this a nice spike at 2 yards. @SkinnyDman got a nice doe the same afternoon Rob Freyer got his double. @deer_commander got a bit sidetracked and shot a 200 lb hog or it might have been his Dad but either way I wish I had done it. I’m ready to go pig hunting. @HuntingStories did a spot and stalk on a doe while I was writing, guess he wanted in this week. @GlennClute took a nice 8 pt on public land near me Saturday afternoon but I just found out so he is a late addition. Congrats to everyone and if I didn’t list you sorry but you will make the wrap up I promise.

There were a couple of near misses by folks. @MonicaJo4 gave one a shave while trying for her first bow kill. She will take a ribbing for that for awhile :0). I don’t think there were any turkeys or coyotes taken this week but one gray squirrel was with a 20 yard shot. Sometimes you just can’t take any more abuse from treerats. I swear I remember a moose or few taken and I know some folks are elk hunting, too. Remember folks the @ symbol with their name will let you find and follow them on Twitter.

Saturday October 15th sees the start of the @Huntography Deer Tour. It is kicking off in Wisconsin so if you use Twitter just check the hashtag #deertour for updates. Good luck to all the hunters on the tour this year. It is also the start of our fall turkey season so I have 14 days to see if I can get one with a shotgun or in my case a muzzle loading shotgun.

I have been sneaking out for a morning and evening hunt on the new farm and I’m seeing tons of turkeys plus deer. I went out Wednesday afternoon to hunt the tree where I got the cull buck Friday, I wanted to see if a doe or the 6 pt would come out. I got set up only to have a bunch of new cows released into the field behind me. I don’t mind them but these wouldn’t shut up so I could hear. Then about an hour into my set some guys start driving the treeline about 100 yards away checking for trespassers.

These are the same guys that messed up my hunt the night before when they decided to set a shooting house in a field just about the time I had been seeing a couple of bucks. They received a good cussing both times and both times I stayed in the stand after they left. The difference on Wednesday was the deer did come out. As I sat there tweeting with some friends saying I was getting down, I had had enough, everything got quiet again. I told myself might as well stay a little longer just to see what happened. I had already seen about 30 turkeys and thought maybe the deer was ease back in.

After maybe 30 minutes I saw what I thought was a cowhorn spike come out, right behind him was the little 4 point I see there all the time. They made the left turn toward me like they always do when sun hit the rack on the first one I knew it was the 6 I had jumped the first day. Now it was on, I have never taken a 6 and he had a nice rack. I got ready, waiting for them to feed down the soy bean row. The 6 came down, stopped at 35 yards broadside, looked like a backyard target. I drew, set my pin and touched the release. Just about 5 yards from him the arrow hit some Johnson grass and went who knows where. SOB!!

He ran about 30 yards, stopped to look back at what ever it was. His buddy was standing there looking at him like he was nuts for running. As soon as he stopped I knew what was coming. I have taken more than a few because curiosity got to them, this one had all the signs. I nocked another arrow then watched as he circled, stuck his nose in the air trying to find a scent always focused on where he was standing and never looking my way. He went behind a big cedar where I couldn’t see him but I knew he wasn’t leaving yet. He would either turn in front of the tree which would put him at 13 yards in front of me or slip into the woods at 16 yards. I watched as he slid into the woods and stopped perfectly broadside. When he did I drew, tucked the pin in tight to the shoulder and shot. I heard the hit, he took off tail down only to run about 40 yards just into a field then crashed.

I was thrilled. I had wanted this buck since I first saw him. He had a regular path he walked every afternoon and that combined with curiosity got him. I had watched him fall but habits run deep. I got down to look for my arrow and blood. I couldn’t find my arrow but did find a trail so I tracked it around to the field edge looking for the arrow until I saw him laying in the weeds a few yards away. When I walked up to him I saw my arrow had passed through but still had about 3 inches inside. This one continues my year of WTH shots. He was PERFECTLY broadside when I shot but the arrow exited at the next to last rib on the other side. When I skinned him the entry is in the shoulder but then hit the middle of the ribs on the near side. I can’t imagine how that arrow did what it did. Nothing about the path makes sense but it did the job and that’s what counts I guess.

The funny part was when I went to get my truck the guys I had cussed were parked in a field just across the fence. I yelled to them and we talked then I said I was going to load up my deer, telling them to come check him out. They drove around, introduced themselves and one of the first things said was “Boy, I bet you were cussing us.” I laughed and said yes I did. Then to make up for it they loaded my deer for me. Really good guys and now I know who is hunting next to me. Locals that know everyone around there.

I know a lot of the people that hunt areas where anything less than 150 inch deer isn’t worth a mention but here this deer is was better than many 8-10 pts I see. High racked matched on both sides, big, healthy, beautiful. He might not go 100 inches and I could care less. He was also number 45 for me. I realized as I looked at my journal I have taken every one of my best bucks with a bow, kinda proud of that. As I checked him in I ran into another guy, Mike Cunnigham, who was checking in a nice 7 pt he had just taken. Pretty deer and congrats to Mike.

Good luck everyone and be safe. Keep posting so I can add my friends to the weekly list.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taste A Legend Review

With folks out putting critters in the freezer and all of the talk about hitting the grill I got lucky to be asked to try some marinades made for game. Melissa at Taste A Legend got in touch with me an asked if I would like to review what she makes which I was glad to do.

When it arrived I found several different bottles of marinade each formulated for a different type of meat along with a package of wild rice and a dry rub/seasoning mix. The first thing you notice is the packaging looks good, better than a lot of what you find at the store. I checked the ingredients list along with the cooking instructions to see how they suggested I use each type. The only problem I ran into, this was just before I took a deer so I didn’t have any venison for the first test. I did have some squirrels so decided to start with that using the marinade for chicken, pork, beef and lamb.

I marinated the meat for several hours only to realize I couldn’t grill that night. Great, since it says to grill. I baked it instead which is not the way I would do it again. My fault not theirs’. When I tasted it for the first time I will say it is not subtle, this is made for game which tends to be stronger than squirrel. The seasoning is so different from what we have here it took a couple of bites to be able to really taste what was going on. To me it has a strong influence of the Southwest, spices with lime and lemon, not spicy just bold. This blend has two of my favorites, basil and rosemary, which I grow to use on game. Despite my cooking it in the oven rather than on the grill it had a good taste. The smoke and texture from grilling would have made a huge difference which I found out later.

I managed to get a deer so next up was some Tennessee surf and turf. I had a channel catfish fillet ready to go along with a cut from the deer. The fillet was from a larger cat which tends to have a strong flavor which I am not a fan of. I normally spice these heavily to kill the fishy taste this time I put it into the fish marinade for 4 hours. For the venison I used the dry spices which I put on about 45 minutes before going on the grill.

I have to say it sure smelled good while cooking. The fish came off with a nice crust, the venison like a good steak. I didn’t add anything, no salt, oil, anything to change the taste. The fish marinade reminded me of one of my favorite things I use to cook fish, a friend from Japan introduced me to a Japanese BBQ sauce which is soy sauce based. Taste A Legend has a nice mild flavor but managed to tame the strong taste of the channel cat. Now this is saying a lot for a southern boy. While I love food from all over the world we have two ways to cook here, fried and on special occasions deep fried. Grilled fish has to be good for me to enjoy it and this was. I will use a higher heat next time to get a bit more crunch but the taste was good just as it was.

For the venison using the dry mix I grilled it to medium rare. I used a cut that wasn’t the best to see how the spices held up, I really liked this. Not salty or too strong and with smoke from the grill it sure made that venison taste good. I am a fan of using dry rubs, over the years I have used many commercial and custom blends, this one worked right out of the bottle. Again to me it tends to the Southwest tastes which I don’t get much here and was a nice change from what we use. Nothing hot or too spicy for the folks that can’t take the heat but a good well rounded flavor when grilled. I want to try it again with some vegetables on the grill to see how that works.

The first three flavors I tried from Taste A Legend were good and I can’t wait to try them again since now I know what to expect and how to use them. The first that I put on squirrel had a bold intense flavor and next time I will use it on meat that can take the strength. I can see on something like lamb or goat it would be the thing to use, I bet chicken grilled with it then used for tacos would be great. The dry rub was just plain good, I think I will stick to using it for when I have something to grill, it just seems to get better with the smoke added. The fish marinade is going to go fast here. I need to grill more fish but don’t like most of it no matter what is on it but this makes it into something I enjoyed. I have a lot of strong catfish that will be visiting the grill in the near future thanks to this sauce plus keep me from frying it.

I still have more marinades and their rice blend to try, I will get some cooking done so I can let you know how they do. Taste A Legend is a company that has the hunter and fisherman in mind with their flavors. They understand that wild game can take and at times needs flavors that can stand up to the strength of the meat. If you want some new bold tastes for your cooking I think you will enjoy what Taste A Legend has done.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Two

Looking north. It is 18 yards to the first row of beans.

Week two has seen many of my friends around the country having success in the woods. A couple of nice bucks have been taken along with a bunch of does. There was an albino doe taken (@ChrisChicoLopez ), at least one turkey (@EasTnHunting), a coyote (@SoleAdventure) and our buddy @Ryan5bass got his first deer ever and with a bow at that. All of these are Twitter handles if you want to follow them.

I am still trying to get close enough to turkey to get one with a bow but it is tough in the fall since they see evil in anything and everything. Hard to fool 10-20 sets of eyes at 20 yards. Having had enough of those stupid things I went to a new spot I had scouted on the south side of a soy bean field which looked like the spot to be for a deer. Turns out I was right.

This spot has just about everything you could want for a deer spot. Several tree lines and 20-30 yard wide travel corridors come together in a small patch of woods which form a hidden pocket in the field. There is a point of trees where two huge oaks are dropping acorns and luckily the tree I wanted to climb is right between them. Maybe 70 yards away to the west is a small pond and about that far to the east is a large wood lot with a bedding area.

Over my right shoulder under 20 yards to the edge of the trees.

Looking over left shoulder toward the small pond where fence rows meet.

I went in the first afternoon to find a 6 pt standing in the field about 40 yards in front of my tree. I watched where he left the field and it was where I had thought they would be coming in. I cut some lanes then got set up in my climber. I had planned to get higher but the canopy was too thick and I wound up only about 8-9 feet up. Not the best but I hoped it was enough since I was back in the woods several yards.

5 o’clock rolled around as I sat tweeting with friends when I looked up to see a cowhorn spike walk out. A minute later a small 4 pt followed him into the field. They fed toward me then stopped broadside at 40 yards. Since I had seen the better buck I let these guys walk hoping he would come back out. Not today. The next morning I was back in but the only thing moving was turkeys which made me think that this might be an afternoon stand. I packed up planning to be back around 3:00.

Back in the stand in 80 degree heat wasn’t fun but I wanted to see what came out. At 5:15 in the same spot they used before I see a deer trot into the field and make the turn toward my stand. He fed along in a row that would put him 20 yards in front of me but just as he got to 22 yards facing me he turned to go back. He was at 24 yards quartering away giving me a good look at his ribs. I shot, heard the hit then watched as he took two jumps, walked about 10 yards and laid down. Good but not what I wanted to see after opening weekend. After a couple of minutes he stood up and wobbled off.

I couldn’t believe it, not again. I took a few minutes to get everything packed up to get down so I could slip out and look for sign. Just as I stepped into the field I saw something move, an ear, then the deer. He was bedded about 60 yards away. I was texting my buddy Scott (@Teamstt) and he was telling me to hang on, wait, give him time. I had slipped back into the woods so I could watch him. Soon he couldn’t get his feet under him to stand but I felt bad that he wasn’t down yet. I slipped down the field to 20 yards where I got him to stand long enough for me to get another shot. He only went 6 yards and fell. A nice healthy 18 month old 4 pt that came close to being a six. I got him loaded up and headed out of the field where I jumped two more bucks, one about like mine and another with a much better rack. Light was gone so all I could see was horns just couldn’t count points. But I know they are there.

Sunday morning I went to another spot to try for some of the does I saw there the other day. Here the deer show up around 8:00, sure enough at quarter till I looked up to see a buck standing at 20 yards broadside. I got set waiting for him to take 2-3 more steps which he did then stopped like a backyard target. I got the pin tucked in tight behind the shoulder and shot. The hit didn’t sound right and the deer just turned around to walk off. When I checked I found the arrow just past where he was standing with only one hair and no blood. All I can think was I hit a twig which threw the arrow low. Oh well, as long as he is ok that is fine with me maybe I will see him again.

There it is, a look at week two for me. Finally on the board with the monkey off my back and I have seen 9 different bucks which is more than the last 3 years combined. I love seeing them but I want some does, I have families that need some help maybe I can find some soon. Hope everyone is having a safe and fun season so far, good luck this week I will be headed back out soon.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trail Cam Video

This is a 3 month time line taken from 2 cameras. One in Cheatham county and the other in Robertson county Tennessee.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week One

The first week of season has been a bit rough for me and several friends around the country. Guys you expect to drop them have had several lost or gotten busted by some big boys. There are a few others that have had amazing seasons already, Rob Freyer (@BigBuckPW on Twitter) has taken 2 does and 2 big bucks already like there was nothing to it. Good prep work sure pays off.

My first week has been mainly spent trying to figure out new property while chasing turkeys. I saw a lot of deer last weekend, saw several during the week along with more turkeys than I can remember. I can take a turkey with a bow as a bonus to our fall season limit of 14 so this is what I have been trying to do. I scouted to find what fields they are using and how to get set up. While I was doing this I found one flock with a silver phase hen that I would love a chance to take.

I went to that field one morning this week to find a different flock then I missed a shot when I misjudged the yardage. The turkeys didn’t even spook as the arrow dug into the mud near them. This field has birds in it every morning and evening so I know it is a matter of time before I finally get my archery turkey. Fingers crossed I can get the silver phase.

I haven’t had time to set stands on the new property so I broke out my ghillie suit to use while hunting and scouting. It isn’t needed in my other spots but for now it is a must trying to learn a new farm and still have a chance for a shot. Friday I decided to go for a bit even with a wind blowing that I knew would have the deer bedded but you never know. I made a quickie ground blind in a fence row full of cedars, got set up then sat back to read while waiting for magic hour.

About the time I was hoping for a deer to step out I saw something move a few feet away, when I looked down I was staring at a turkey staring at me. Only 3 yards away before I ever saw them. The cedars were blocking my view stupid turkeys had walked right past my truck then straight to my blind and looked in.  Stupid turkeys, did I mention that? They flew about 50 yards, landed in a tree, then finally flew back down and wandered off.

It has been an eventful week between what I have done and talking to my friends that are hunting in other states. This weekend will see lots of others get the chance to take to the woods. Hopefully I can get one down soon and hear stories of how their hunts are going. Just 4 weeks until the Deer Tour gets to me and I will be on camera for the first time, I’m starting to look forward to that.

There it is folks, a quick update along with what I am thinking when it comes to turkeys. I am going to try my best to get one this week so I can tell you that story. I am covered up in them so I know I have to get a chance soon, it is up to me to make it happen.

Good luck folks, be safe and check us out on Twitter with #deertour or the blogs to see how everyone is doing.

P.S. I wrote this Saturday night to post Sunday but held off to see what happened Sunday before I did. I got up to try for a turkey but took along my squirrel shooting device just in case. I got 2 nice ones in the morning then 4 more that afternoon. Turkeys? Well I sat most of the day only to have one thing after another go wrong. After hearing birds going to roost I put my bow up to try for more squirrels only to watch 25 turkeys come in and start feeding 14 yards from  my truck an hour later than they should have. Stupid turkeys.

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