Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Four

Well here we go. Week four of the season by my counting and the results are coming in. I wasted my time trying to kill a stupid turkey only to have one thing after the other go wrong. Should have stuck to the deer. I did make a trip to Monteagle to try for one Sunday in a spot that hasn't been hunted in a month. I saw deer out on the roadside just before light which is never a good sign there and sure enough I didn't see a deer until 9:15 when I saw one slip into the woodlot I was in. I never saw where that one went then at 9:30 I saw two big does and a set of twins coming down the treeline toward me, as I got set up the lead doe smelled where I walked in and spooked. As she ran past the others the other big doe took off and almost knocked herself out when she ran head first into a tree, she hit so hard she had to stand with her feet spread out to keep from falling. As she got to the creek I had a good quartering away shot but missed low when I misjudged the yardage. Clean miss, no harm no foul. I hunted the rest of the day but didn't get another chance. The reason I got busted was because I did something I never do which is wear my hunting boots from the house to the woods. This time I was running late and did then didn’t get them sprayed down enough with scent killer, won’t happen again.

I saw a total of 25 deer Sunday but only one young buck and most weren’t on property I can hunt. Still I count them and it is always a treat to see them out feeding. I saw 3 sets of twins along with several other fawns so next year is looking like plenty more to watch grow.

Folks from all over have been doing great this week and here is this week's list. @Ryan5Bass got another doe and was actually in Week Three but I found out late. @SkinnyDMan got a doe. @backwoodlife took a buck and his Dad got a hog. @Krand67 got an 8 pt. @Gobblerchaser got one but I can’t remember what it was. @Turkeytlakr69 took an 8 pt. @BigBuckPW got a muzzleloader doe. @goosecaller44 and friends got limits of geese and mallards. @LindaQueentivo got her first muzzleloader doe at 70 yards. @Firstlightgear got a doe from a natural ground blind while filming for the #deertour with @Huntography. @BuckmasterJosh got his first with a bow a nice 5 pt. @muskalungee took a double on does with his bow a personal best. @cajun_seasoning missed a deer but got a bobcat.

Photo credit: @LindaQueentivo. This is her first M/L deer a 129 lb doe. Congrats!!

There were some misses and a couple lost which I always feel bad about for the hunter and the deer. I know there were a couple of foxes taken with bows but I can’t remember who got them. I do know one was a red and the other a grey.

The biggest news of the week for me was finally getting a new job after 3 years of looking. I won’t be in the woods as often but at least I can pay my bills now. Big relief just in case you wondered.

So that about wraps this one up. A bit short for me but I have some good posts coming up just need to get them written up. Thanks again to everyone and be safe out there this week. Add a comment to the 1 Year of Following Ghost for a chance at whatever I decide to give away.

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