Monday, October 3, 2011

Week One

The first week of season has been a bit rough for me and several friends around the country. Guys you expect to drop them have had several lost or gotten busted by some big boys. There are a few others that have had amazing seasons already, Rob Freyer (@BigBuckPW on Twitter) has taken 2 does and 2 big bucks already like there was nothing to it. Good prep work sure pays off.

My first week has been mainly spent trying to figure out new property while chasing turkeys. I saw a lot of deer last weekend, saw several during the week along with more turkeys than I can remember. I can take a turkey with a bow as a bonus to our fall season limit of 14 so this is what I have been trying to do. I scouted to find what fields they are using and how to get set up. While I was doing this I found one flock with a silver phase hen that I would love a chance to take.

I went to that field one morning this week to find a different flock then I missed a shot when I misjudged the yardage. The turkeys didn’t even spook as the arrow dug into the mud near them. This field has birds in it every morning and evening so I know it is a matter of time before I finally get my archery turkey. Fingers crossed I can get the silver phase.

I haven’t had time to set stands on the new property so I broke out my ghillie suit to use while hunting and scouting. It isn’t needed in my other spots but for now it is a must trying to learn a new farm and still have a chance for a shot. Friday I decided to go for a bit even with a wind blowing that I knew would have the deer bedded but you never know. I made a quickie ground blind in a fence row full of cedars, got set up then sat back to read while waiting for magic hour.

About the time I was hoping for a deer to step out I saw something move a few feet away, when I looked down I was staring at a turkey staring at me. Only 3 yards away before I ever saw them. The cedars were blocking my view stupid turkeys had walked right past my truck then straight to my blind and looked in.  Stupid turkeys, did I mention that? They flew about 50 yards, landed in a tree, then finally flew back down and wandered off.

It has been an eventful week between what I have done and talking to my friends that are hunting in other states. This weekend will see lots of others get the chance to take to the woods. Hopefully I can get one down soon and hear stories of how their hunts are going. Just 4 weeks until the Deer Tour gets to me and I will be on camera for the first time, I’m starting to look forward to that.

There it is folks, a quick update along with what I am thinking when it comes to turkeys. I am going to try my best to get one this week so I can tell you that story. I am covered up in them so I know I have to get a chance soon, it is up to me to make it happen.

Good luck folks, be safe and check us out on Twitter with #deertour or the blogs to see how everyone is doing.

P.S. I wrote this Saturday night to post Sunday but held off to see what happened Sunday before I did. I got up to try for a turkey but took along my squirrel shooting device just in case. I got 2 nice ones in the morning then 4 more that afternoon. Turkeys? Well I sat most of the day only to have one thing after another go wrong. After hearing birds going to roost I put my bow up to try for more squirrels only to watch 25 turkeys come in and start feeding 14 yards from  my truck an hour later than they should have. Stupid turkeys.


Alex said...

I've found the best way to ensure your target species steps out is to chase squirrels. Last season I missed a chance at several hogs because I'd loaded my shotgun with bird shot in order to kill some squirrels.

Right after I finished loading the bird shot, the hogs stepped out!

Keep at it. That turkey will be yours.

Anonymous said...

I hate those dang ol' birds too! Blasted things. I swear they all all over me thicker that you-know-what if I don't have a tag, but if I do they are no where to be seen! I've taken up callin' my tag- "turkey repellent!"

I'm sure you'll have better luck than I do though and even though I'd love to tell you to shot it an extra time for me, I won't.

Best of luck to you Tommy! Hope you get a big ol' bird!

Bobby Nations said...

Hunting squirrels with a break-barrel air rifle is my kind of fun. It definitely ups the challenge factor. Plus, its nice being able to take a shot without spooking all the game within 3 counties. What kind of rifle are you using there?

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