Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pro Staff, No, Really

Well, I have been doing quite a bit lately on my lures, both originals or repaints, and I am happy to say that many have found new homes. From North Carolina to California, from Alabama to Wisconsin to New York and several states in between, people have ordered lures painted in the baitfish patterns of their area or one of my collectible lures. Some are already in use for stripers down south and others are in the waiting stage for water conditions to warm. I can’t thank everyone enough for your support on this new venture and I want to introduce you to a couple of guys that are helping me out and keeping my chin up. There are many more I owe thanks to but this is for Gary and Joe and how a simple request by Joe turned into what I hope is a way to say a thanks and keep getting help from some great fishermen.

As I started writing posts about my cedar lures one of my friends on Twitter, Gary Hanson ( @mgaryhanson on Twitter ), was the first to order one of my baits. Before he was done he had asked for several more and had me paint some other lures in a pattern that he just knew would work in his waters. I modified this one a bit from an artist’s point of view and now it is available as a standard pattern named Gary’s Golden Shiner. Does it work? Why yes, yes it does and here is the proof from Gary’s first two trips to Logan Martin at his favorite striper spot.

We talked about other colors that show up in baitfish which led to a new shad pattern which is now in my line and is available for order on any bait. He also got me thinking about another shape to use for when a quieter approach is needed. That one is still being tested and looks promising. Other modifications we have talked about are in the works.

On the other side of the country and fishing salt water is Joe Sarmiento ( @socalsalty on Twitter ) who ordered a couple of poppers from me. We talked quite a bit and he helped me to start figuring out what salt water anglers needed in a bait to hold up to tough conditions. This part I am still working on along with help from some other great guys like Jason DeCarlo since I am 8 hours from the ocean I didn’t know what they needed. Joe is going to be testing salt water lures and telling me what needs to happen to make them better and what baitfish are in the area. His first two are in mackerel and anchovy which have some changes I want to try to see why they don’t work.

 As we talked Joe said (probably as a joke) he wanted to be on my Pro Staff. Not realizing I had a Pro Staff I laughed and said sure. Joe said if he was going to be on it then Gary had to be on it and I needed to tell him. I thought that was a great idea since Gary has been the most help in design and in showing off my work and both of these guys fish, a lot. I said I guess now we would need t shirts so they could wear them when they head to the water as big time Pro Staffers.

Gary and Joe, along with several others, have been great support and a huge help in giving me ideas for colors and shapes and if they want to be included in what I do that is the least I can do in return. Things are moving along with this project and having support from everyone makes it easier to head to the shop or sit behind my airbrush.

So to Gary and Joe, thanks for everything and now we have a Pro Staff but still no t shirts.

If you are on Twitter give these guys a follow you won't be sorry.
Here is a link to Joe’s blog. Give him a follow to keep up with all the happenings in Lower California.


JM said...

I love it! LOL I need to find a few guys to put on my pro staff too.

By the way , signed up to follow you through Blogger , can't believe I missed it before today.

Capt Paul Mandella said...

Ghost, that is a GREAT story!! I'm sure that's how many of the large companies started out :-)

Make sure you have your logo plastered ALL over those Pro-Staffers now ;-)

On a more serious note, where can I see some pics of your plugs ?? I took a quick poke around but didn't find them, :-( sorry

Anonymous said...

This "Lower Californian" got his lures today. May have a chance to test them out this coming weekend. Hard to say. Depends on the water conditions. Looking forward to trying. One thing I can do is take some pics of the baitfish we use while I'm waiting. Will send along when I do. Thanks Tommy.

Joe Sarmiento aka SoCalSalty, Pro Staff :-)

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