Friday, March 4, 2011

Painting Session Part 2

I had so many great comments on my Painting Session post that I decided to show more lures that I have done. Thanks goes out to everyone that stopped by for a look and commented here, on Twitter or in emails. Makes a feller feel good to know people enjoy what you do. Below are some of the baits I’ve painted recently, some for orders, others just to get a new pattern down. Some were tests to see if I liked them enough to offer on custom pieces. Not all made the cut or even this post, sometimes they are just ugly, can’t win them all.

I hope you enjoy this batch of paint jobs. I have listed the names of each paint pattern under the image in case anyone wants to place an order. Thanks again for all of the positive comments and for just stopping by.


Functioning said...

That bluegill looks a lot better in this pic! Nice work on all of them!

jlecherd said...

Nice work, can't wait to get mine. Keep up the good work Tommy. [;)

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