Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pleasant Surprise

I don’t make a habit of doing reviews or having product placement. I did that for a long time in my other life as a writer, nothing but look at this and how-to articles. But I am going to do a short one here because this is too good to not pass along.

If you use Twitter you know where to find me. I keep in touch with folks from all over, talking about all sorts of stuff. I use it for the social aspect but it has allowed me to meet people in all types of businesses. Mostly we don’t talk business but sometimes we do try to help each other by passing along information we think people need to know. This is one of those times.

For quite awhile I had been seeing a product from House Of Jerky mentioned from many of my friends. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to it since I don’t buy many snack foods even though I love jerky. I make venison jerky for myself and leave the stuff at the store there. It is expensive and for the most part, not too good. But I did start talking to Janie @HouseOfJerky on Twitter, not for the product but because she is someone good to talk to.

A few days ago she asked if I had gotten my package yet. Since I hadn’t ordered anything I said no was I supposed to? She says, oops, thought you were getting one. No problem says I, but she did ask for my address. Well, I got a care package of 5, yes 5, types of jerky in the mail. When I opened it I found 3 types of beef, one of wild boar and another of buffalo. Let the tasting begin.

I opened the wild boar first to see if I could stand it. I hunt pigs but sometimes I’m not crazy about the taste. I took a bite, you can tell it is wild pig but it is good, really good. Next I opened the buffalo and it was even better. All types are thin cut, about as perfectly seasoned as you can get and just plain tasty. After a couple of pieces I took it to the other side of the room to get it out of reach. If I hadn’t it would have been gone by now, not one pack, all the packs.

As for the flavors, I got several from teriyaki to black pepper to sweet and spicy. I did open one more to try, they are all good. The base is a bit sweet compared to the junk at the store but it helps blend the spices and calms the gamey taste you can get from the wild boar. It is also moist rather than the leather like stuff I am used to seeing. I know now why I was hearing so much about this brand of jerky. It is everything people said it was. It might be a good thing that there isn’t one of their stores closer to me, it might get ugly if it was easier for me to get.

So, if you like jerky that is actually good from a company that has folks that talk to you with great products, give House Of Jerky a try. I’m not impressed by many things but this is a good one. Check them out online at or find one of the stores and place an order or ten. Good stuff, what else can you say?

Disclaimer: Yes I received 5 packs of jerky to try. I did not request them nor did Janie ask for a review in any way, shape or form. There was nothing mentioned other than thanks for sending it, from me, and thanks for letting me know you got it, from her. This review, which will be a surprise to Janie, is my thanks for the gift and to let people know this is good eats.


Albert Quackenbush said...

I'm with you, Tommy. Great stuff and Janie will now have my continued support. I love the jerky they put out.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and will gladly say it again, the jerky from House of Jerky is hands down the best jerky to ever cross my lips!

I personally LOVE the natural style jerky. It's my favorite. It's an all around great taste and texture that always, always, always leaves me wanting more!

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