Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cajun Seasoning Pt Duex

It is time for another review. This time a quick look at more from my friend and now my first sponsor, lets have a round of applause for Mr. Camp Dog himself, Papa Scott!!

I am happy to say that my little bit of getting the word out seems to have helped many folks find out about Cajun Seasoning. Now I want you to take a look at the other goodies Papa Scott turns out down there in the great state of Louisiana.

When last we met we looked at Original Camp Dog, this time I have a three part treat for you. First is Non Typical spice mix. Comes packaged like the Original but with a different flavor. In this one it isn’t quite as warm and the celery is gone. As much as I like the first one I really use more of this now. It goes on just about everything and my friends are using it on even more than I am. From eggs to mule deer tenderloins to fries it works. I love it on squash, either fried or on the grill, oh and green onions grilled and….umm ok you get the picture, this stuff is good.

Next is something near and dear to me, Fish Fry Batter. Being from the south fried fish done right is a tradition and we know when it is wrong. I got some of Papa Scott’s recipe and tried it several ways to see how it would do. Since it has a bit of spice I tried it on some fairly strong catfish I had, it tamed it down so that you could eat it without tasting river. I found out because of the spices you have to cook at a lower temp than you do if you are using cornmeal. If you aren’t careful you wind up with charred fillet rather than tasty fillet. Don’t ask how I know this. I tried it out on my favorite bluegill fillets but just lightly dusted since they are so mild. They came out crisp with just enough zip without overpowering the fish.

I also used a couple of different dips to see if it would work with them. I dried catfish fillets, dusted them with batter mix, dropped them into an egg wash for one batch and a buttermilk wash for another then dredged them in the batter mix. A couple of each batch were dipped into the liquid again and dredged a second time to create a thick crust. All were cooked in an iron skillet using vegetable oil until golden brown. Again each and every way I tried it worked. Light crust, thick crust, egg or milk, all tasted great. I haven’t tried this trick yet but a little bird told me to use it on vegetables like eggplant (I am thinking squash, I love me some squash) to have another way to add flavor to them.

And finally Hush Puppy Mix. I will admit this is nothing like what I think of as hush puppies. Here it is cornmeal, a bit of sugar, a tad of minced onion, mixed with buttermilk and an egg. Papa Scott’s has some tasty stuff in it that reminds me of the spices and tastes in crab boil. One pound of hush puppy mix will make around 60 tasty little balls of goodness. Add a cup of milk and one egg, let sit for 30 minutes and cook in a deep fryer at 300 degrees, let them drain on a paper towel and cool a bit, consume.

The first time I tried these Scott told me he made a meal from them, I thought “Yeah right.”. Well I will tell you this, I was eating on the couch watching TV and had to get up and take them back in the kitchen to stop eating them. They are worse than potato chips. They aren’t your normal hush puppy which shouldn’t surprise anyone that has tried his other products. Scott hit another one out of the park with these. I try not to cook them often to be honest about it because I tend to eat far too many no matter how much I promise not to.

For those of you that have tried the spice rubs here is a list of things you will want to order, Scott really has these down. If you haven’t tried any and especially if you like fish and hush puppies, give those a try for a Cajun twist for your table.

Here is a link to get your order in from Papa Scott's Cajun Seasoning

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