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Huntography Deer Tour Equipment List PT 1

We took a look at where I plan to hunt on the Huntography Deer Tour in the last post. Just after I posted it I got invited to hunt an additional 320 acres of private land about 30 minutes from my house. I haven’t seen it yet but it is supposed to be covered in deer plus the neighbor that invited me doesn’t bow hunt and just started muzzle loading, I am loaning him gear so we can hunt during early season.

Since Rudy will be here during a short break between muzzle loader and gun season I will be using archery tackle. This summer I traded for a sweet custom Bama long bow to go along with my Bear Primos series compound and Ten Point crossbow. I hope to take a deer with the traditional bow but will probably leave it at home during filming. But we will see. Any who, let’s take a look at what I use, spend my money on and trust to do the job.

My main bow for several years now is a Bear Primos Done Deal. I pull 64# shooting a 29 inch arrow. I haven’t sent one through a chronograph so can’t give you the technical details on speed and to be honest I don’t really care that much. It is fast enough and if not I can change arrows to make it shoot faster and flatter. I picked this bow up to replace my Bear Golden Eagle II which had thumped several deer and a yote or two. It is the model just below their Truth II which I looked at but didn’t see the $100+ price difference for 5-10 fps.

When I bought the bow I added a new Whisker Biscuit rest, Bohning 4 arrow quiver, Simms Limb Saver S-Coil stabilizer, leather wrist strap but the things I did not buy was a new sight or release. I have used a Cobra Sidewinder for years along with a Cobra release so when the Golden Eagle was sold those stayed to go on the new bow. Why? I just like the sight it has what I need and works. I did upgrade it with the low light kit which is a bit on the weak side but does help in a ground blind. I haven’t asked to see if the bulbs in them have been improved.

The Whisker Biscuit rest is my favorite. No rattle, arrows falling off, works no matter what with easily replaceable parts if needed. The new ones have all manner of micro adjustments but my simple model works just fine.

The quiver, wrist strap and stabilizer are all pretty basic which keeps with my idea of the kiss principle. My release is one I have shot for years, a Cobra I picked up in a hurry one day when my old release failed. I found out it worked better for me than any of the more expensive models so I have never changed.

For arrows and broadheads I have two set ups for my compound. I shoot Carbon Express 6075 Terminators or Speed Pro 5.5. The Carbon Express are fairly common but the Speed Pros are harder to find. Speed Pros are very light at 5.5 grains per inch but still spined for my bow and FAST. They add ten yards to each of my pins. The down side is they are hard to find, loud and a bit fragile but did I mention FAST? All arrows are fletched with 2” vanes. I always carry at least one arrow with a Lumenock for low light shooting.

For broadheads I started shooting Grim Reaper 3 blade mechanicals years ago. I really like these because they don’t use a rubber band to hold things in place. The nice tight design and bone breaker tips let them fly exactly like a field point from any of my bows. I have taken my only two 8 pointers with them, both with the same terrible shot, both fell within 75 yards. I shoot the 85 grain model on the CE and Speed Pros. Another good point is the ease with which these heads can be rebuilt. I have used the same heads for many deer, simply replacing blades. I do take the time to soak them in alcohol then wipe them off with an old toothbrush to remove any debris. After that they come apart and go back together without a problem.

A new set of Rage and 2 sets of many times rebuilt Grim Reapers. All of the GR have traces of past hunts on them.

To be fair I also have a couple of sets of 100 gr Rage 2 blade that were given to me and use them, too. I had seen the videos, heard the hype but never spent the money to try them. When I started using a crossbow that was what was on it so kept them. Just like any good design they work, I don’t care for the rubber band much or how you have to reset them but they do leave a big hole. The worse part is the rebuild on these. The old style had a tiny allen screw holding them together which was almost impossible to remove. They changed this to a tiny pin that has to be driven out. Not an easy task unless you happen to be 20 years old with tiny hands and perfect eyesight.

The crossbow I use can be seen in several other posts. I use a Ten Point that was one of their package setups. Complete out of the box with a three dot electronic sight and a cool crank to help draw it. I am shooting 20 inch Carbon Express bolts. This thing is fun and I have taken several deer with it but still prefer my other bows. Crossbows are heavy, slow to load and loud. But for those that like them or need to use them to get out they are a great tool.

So, there is a look at my archery equipment that will go on the hunt. Most likely the Done Deal but who knows. Not the latest or greatest but I have put many deer on the ground with these setups, I have no need to keep up the Jones so this is what I shoot. I had planned to add what I carry in my pack but this post is long enough plus that will give me something else to post about.

Now for the disclaimer: I did not receive anything from any of the companies mentioned to be listed in this post although a couple do know they will be in it. These are the products I spent my money on and have worked for me


Huntography said...

Love reading your stuff Tommy.

Nice! An addition 320 acres to hunt on that is loaded w/ deer? That's so exciting.

You don't need the latest and greatest gear to get a deer. Much of my gear is a few years old and is standing the test of time pretty well.

Can't go wrong w/ the's proven itself for many years....but, up north, I heard guys who hunted w/ it in inclement weather, that it wasn't ideal....

Don't let Opie know you might be using a crossbow ;)


Tim said...

You have some nice equipment. I plan on using the Grim Reapers this year. I was wondering how hard it would be to change the blades. Thanks for the Info!

Tim Borkert

Anonymous said...

I used the same bow for almost 5 years, this year I finally upgraded. I picked up a Martin Ridge Hunter from The Sportsman's Guide. I went with the 60 lb. draw weight and I love it. It has so much power! Has anyone else used one?

Tommy Ellis said...

I haven't shot the Martin but they make good bows. Glad you got one you like. Stop back in and let us know how you do with it. Good luck this year.

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