Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Deer Hunters Lures

Time to introduce a new sponsor of the Huntography Deer Tour. Since the tour was announced we have been lucky to have several companies come on board with products for the hunters. From cooking to scent elimination and now lures we have goodies to help us out this fall.

Our latest sponsor is Big Deer Hunters, that makes solid stick deer urine lures. These are all made and packaged by the owner without human hands ever touching the lure. You can order either buck or doe in an easy to use stick made from 100% premium urine which can be used in a variety of ways. Introduced at the Atlanta Buck A Rama last year this is my first chance to try it out.

Reading the instructions the lure has a slower evaporation rate, stays airborne longer than aerosols and maintains its strength even in rain. All with no mess or spills. It can be used in a variety of ways which makes it easier to use to me than other products. Here are the suggestions for ways to use your new lure.

  • Simply take off the top, turn the dial on the bottom, apply to your boots and walk to your stand.
  • Rub on trees, bushes or rocks around your stand 
  • Place the container on the ground with a small bit of lure exposed to let the wind carry the scent.
  • Cut a small sliver and place in a scrape or mock scrape
  • Cut a sliver and wrap around a string or small twig to make a hanging lure
  • Use the hook hole in the container to hang the lure from a tree or your stand
  • Use the hook hole in the container and string to make a drag lure to your stand.

To go along with his lures Charles also has his Dirt Soap. A way to get clean, eliminate human odor while only leaving the smell of earth behind. A cleaner and cover scent in one.

I will be using the lure during my hunt on the Deer Tour in November which is just about the time our bucks are out looking for love. Can’t wait to see what comes in to check it out.

Check out Big Deer Hunters online or contact Charles at

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