Monday, September 26, 2011

Seemz Technology Review

This weekend I had time to get out to test more of the Seemz Technology scent control system. I had washed all of my camo with their detergent, before heading out I used the body wash got ready and headed out for opening day.

We were down to upper 40s for temps so heat wasn’t much of a problem, still after a morning in the stand when the old system I was using would begin to fail Seemz was still working. I walked out for lunch then headed back to the stand for the afternoon hunt after spraying down with the scent elimination spray. By now the day had warmed up to the mid 70s with no wind to cool me off. I walked in and spent the afternoon watching does get as close as twenty yards downwind of me. That one busted me but it was because I moved. Until I did she had no clue I was there even with a light breeze blowing to her she was coming right in.

The next morning the temps were up to 58 so I sprayed down again before the morning set. About 7:30 I had a shot which resulted in a long tracking job in rising temps. After three hours of sweaty walking you still couldn’t find much to say I had been walking all morning. My clothes, while not perfectly scent free, were still close. There was no way to tell that those had been worn through those conditions. No smell of sweat at all. Again not completely scent free but I am talking hours of walking and sweating that would have left my old system completely gone. When I went in for the afternoon hunt I wore the same clothes. Simply spraying down again. As soon as I did there was no smell at all.

Seemz says that their products hold up over time better than others and I found that it does. Even after 2 days on stand along with hours of sitting and walking I still couldn’t find much odor on the clothes. As a final test I bagged everything for the trip home to keep it away from anything that might add odor. When I took them out I could tell everything was due a wash but normally my clothes done this way would have smelled BAD but not this time. They did need washing but we are talking after 2 days of hard hunting and being packed away overnight they still weren’t bad at all. I honestly think if I had needed to hunt another day before packing them up I could have after spraying them again. I can see now that Seemz has become what I will be using for my scent control.

While Seemz was good enough to send me their products to test don’t think for a second a good review came from that. If it sucks and you send it to me I promise I will tell people exactly that. If it works then that is what you will hear. In this case it does what is advertised. I will be doing more tests as the season goes along and will let you know what I find but after this weekend I can’t think there will be anything bad to report on a system that does what the maker says. Good work Seemz.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something I am going to have to try out.

Nice review Tommy.

Albert Quackenbush said...

Excellent review, Tommy. I also have great things to say about it. I am a big proponent of just staying downwind and playing the wind right, but SEEMZ really does work. Going to put it to the test on Cali deer this weekend. Can't wait!

Beared Boar "Tony" said...

Great review Tommy, it looks like Seemz is going to be getting a lot of market share in the near future.

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