Friday, September 23, 2011

Preview Seemz Technology

Here is a review preview. I just got a great care package in from Seemz Technology and wanted to show you what was coming up as soon as I can do more testing.

Our friend Josh has been more than great in his sponsorship of the Huntography Deer Tour this year. He is providing scent elimination products to the hunters and to try and give back a little I am going to do some testing and post what I find.

The box I opened contains a body wash, detergent for clothes, scent elimination spray for the field in two different sized spray bottle, along with a big bottle to refill the sprays and a spiffy sponge thingy for the shower. All come in nicely labeled packaging titled T.H.E.E. KRUSH powered by their Odor Fusion technology. I will get into more of the specifics in my next post to explain how their system works but I did a couple of quick tests to see how some of it did. Here is what I found.

After talking to Josh I knew the detergent was much different than what I had been using. It pours like water, is colorless and scent free. I put in a load of camo to give it a go. When I took it out I gave it the old sniff test which turned up nothing and what was different was the way the clothes felt. What I was using you could feel on the clothes after washing but with Seemz that is gone. I will be wearing shirts and pants washed in Seemz on opening day to see how it holds up.

For the spray I decided to go over to the farm to try for a yote. Instead  of changing into clean camo I wore what I had on which was jeans and a t shirt that I had worked in all day. Add to this my everyday hat and you have a less than odor free hunting ensemble. I sprayed down with the cool invertible spray bottle and sure enough it worked. I sprayed a spot, gave it a bit to work and tried to smell anything. It worked. Wherever the spray hit the scent was gone. Not too shabby for a tough first test let me tell you. Since I didn't take the time to completely cover myself it wasn’t a fair test but proved that it did what it says. This weekend it will get the "time in tree after walking through the woods" test to see how it holds up.

There it is a quick preview of Seemz Technology scent elimination system. Tomorrow morning I will be testing the body wash, donning camo washed in their detergent then spraying down when I get to the field. I will post a better review next week after a long weekend of testing.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. Many of the states are opening. Be safe and wear your harness. If you need me I will be on top of Monteagle mountain .

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